Learning Paths

Guided paths to expand your abilities as a well-rounded engineer!


Your Path to Becoming a Career-Ready Web Developer!
Total time: 39 hours, 30 minutes


Your Path to Becoming a Senior Web Developer!
Total time: 55 hours, 56 minutes


Your Path to Becoming a Lead / Staff Developer!
Total time: 55 hours, 27 minutes

Computer Science

Learn Data Structures & Algorithms with JavaScript
Total time: 27 hours, 34 minutes

Fullstack to Backend

Expand Your Abilities to the Server and Master the Fullstack
Total time: 59 hours, 25 minutes

Design to Code

Make Your Designs Come to Life Through Code!
Total time: 35 hours, 26 minutes

Topic Paths

Focus on a specific area in web development.


Write Professional, Modern JavaScript
Total time: 65 hours, 43 minutes


Learn CSS, from Laying Out Websites to Performant Animations
Total time: 36 hours, 58 minutes


Build Web APIs and Applications with Node.js
Total time: 28 hours, 47 minutes


Be Productive with React.js, Today's Most Popular Framework
Total time: 33 hours, 52 minutes


Build Rich Applications with the Powerful & Easy-to-Pickup Vue.js Framework
Total time: 14 hours, 45 minutes


Create TypeScript-based Web Applications with a Framework Led by Google
Total time: 16 hours, 45 minutes


Add Types to Your Web and Node.js Apps with TypeScript
Total time: 19 hours, 25 minutes

Functional JavaScript

Power Up Your JavaScript with Functional Programming
Total time: 22 hours, 34 minutes


Create Applications with a Popular Language for Data Science and More
Total time: 9 hours, 36 minutes

Build Tools & Code Quality

Manage Codebases with Popular and Flexible Build & Testing Tools
Total time: 20 hours, 56 minutes

Browser APIs

Leverage Native Browser APIs Using JavaScript
Total time: 34 hours, 32 minutes

Data Visualization with D3.js

Create Interactive Data Visualizations with D3.js
Total time: 13 hours, 50 minutes