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The starting story of Mr Frontend for Junior Frontend Developers

Raymon S

The people who joined the Mr Frontend Community already know the story a bit. But I would like to share it with everyone else as a starting point to launch our new blog.

It started with 1 tweet

The story all started a few weeks ago with a tweet I've sent that If some Junior Frontend Developer needed a coach/mentor to help them, to become better in Frontend Development I would love to help them.

Since then I started to coach @csrobinson86 and a few weeks later I got a tweet from @SamiADelgado, to ask me If I could be his mentor.

I was very pleased with this tweet! So I started to help them get better in CSS. It was such a nice experience to help out someone else, to really give value to all my knowledge.

The idea of a community

Now I was a coach/mentor for 2 guys my brains couldn't stop thinking about how I could make that more professional, to also help others out, helping them with Frontend Development.

I love to read stories of passionate entrepreneurs, that build something they really love. It always inspired me to launch something that really meant something for people. So I came across the blog of Pieter Levels of, he described in a really simple but nice way, how he built a community around his startup. This inspired me to launch a community via Slack.

So I did! I told the guys that I already coached, that I created a Slack Community called "Mr Frontend", so the joined immediately! After 5 days we were with 6 members. I was very glad about those members! We had great conversations, I could help them with a lot of things, in the meantime they were inspiring me. The told me great idea´s of making it bigger and help more people.

Then there were 42 members

At an evening, I build a registration form and deployed it to Heroku. From there I shared the links to the website on Hacker News & Reddit. After sharing via Twitter that everyone could join for free, the registration storm started! From that moment, it blew my mind, I didn't expect that It would be so much interest.

Great future is before us

Even though the community is still young, we have great plans for it! The first idea of building a blog is also becoming true. (you're reading this on it ;-) ) I couldn't do this all by myself, so my friend @benbesuijen joined in, to build the community to a higher level.

Become a mentor/coach at Mr Frontend

If you have the same feeling that I had when I started Mr Frontend that you want to help out Junior Frontend Developers, please contact us by email or just register yourself as a member, and send me a private message. We would appreciate that!

Idea's or suggestions?

If you have questions, idea's or great suggestions how we could help Junior Frontend Developers become really strong in their knowledge and experience, we are very happy if you drop an email

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