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What is the next step after learning HTML & CSS?

Raymon S

So you know HTML and CSS. You're probably looking for your next step, what to learn after the awesome-ness of HTML and CSS.

A lot of you know that there is a massive list of things to learn. Some say you should learn AngularJS or ReactJS, others say you should learn a Sass, the other say you should do jQuery and others say you should learn Grunt or Gulp.

And many others will advise you to learn other things!

I guess your mind is already blowing up from my things here. (héhéhé) But I'm not throwing you in the deep! No, I'm gonna walk with you through the path.

If you're following this path, I hope it will clear up for you, what should be your next big thing to learn. I'm also gonna share why it is important, to learn the specific technique at that step.

So let's start with the first step!

Use Git for version control

Since you felt deeply in love with HTML & CSS, we want to keep our code save! Sometimes it is not so cool to do ctrl-z (cmd-z) a few (or a few 100) times and discover that your editor doesn't keep that small change you are looking for, from yesterday. Nobody likes to lose their precious changes.

Even for personal projects or exercises it can be really frustrated to lose changes! That's the reason you need a version control tool first! If you added already some other cool tools to your frontend toolbox, you still got this problem.

Use Git for your version control. Keep track of all your changes. Git sounds maybe difficult, but it isn't. Invest that little time at the beginning of your learning road. It will help you the whole road of learning better Frontend Development.

Where can I learn Git?

This list of sources will teach you the basics you need to start with integrating Git in your workflow!

What's next!

In the coming week's there we will continue on this pad. This gives you the ability to learn every week something new. Something new that is really important for your development toolbox. It's gonna make you every week more valuable for companies to hire you.

Good luck with learning Git! But most of all, ENJOY!

If you have any questions about Git, or if you run into trouble? You can reach us in our Slack channel, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and offcourse in the comments!

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