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Mr Frontend Development weekly link sharing #30

Raymon S

September 25, 2016

Mr Frontend weekly link sharing of this week include nice links with Design, CSS, JavaScript and a lot of other things to check out.

This list based on the sharing of the whole community and what we shared on our social media channels this week! We hope you like it!

If you have things you missed in the list, please add them in the comments 🙂





  • Understand the problem (Dev productivity tip #1) I’ve been told that I’m a very productive developer. How do I do it? You’re about to find out! Welcome to the first of my developer productivity tips: Understand the Problem. Tutorials and bootcamps…
  • Are You an Engineer or a Developer? Did you know software engineers make $13,000 per year more than software developers on average?1 It’s even more than that (a $22,000 difference) in California





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