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Mr Frontend weekly sharing #52

Raymon S

A year of the Mr Frontend Community

I wanted this week started more personally to thank you all!

This month we reached 1 year of the Mr Frontend Community! :-D

We reached a lot of people with help and support for Frontend Development, 232 wonderful persons. I 'm very happy that a lot of them are highly active and keep on contributing to the community! I hope that this coming year we can stay helpful to a lot of others who didn't discover us yet.

Our community has not only Frontend Developers! There are graphic designers, backend developers, web designers and a lot of other titles. We are lucky to have all kinds of levels in experiences with a lot of different backgrounds. The members of the community are coming from India, VS, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Africa and a lot more other countries (sorry if I did forgot yours! If so? Add them in the comments).

I'm very thankful for this experience to start this wonderful community with so many nice people!

So this week our Mr Frontend weekly sharing include links with WordPress, JavaScript, CSS and a lot of other things.

I hope you like it! If you have things you missed in the list, feel free to add them in the comments 😉




  • Issue #253 Find out how to control font metrics with CSS, how to create non-rectangular headers, how to progressively enhance CSS, how to build an off-canvas nav...




  • CSS Grid: One Layout, Multiple Ways | CSS-Tricks I've really been enjoying getting acquainted with CSS Grid. The feature is starting to ship in many browsers and it looks like we'll be able to start ...
  • Issue #252 Learn how to test different browsers and devices, how to improve the quality, maintainability and integrity of your CSS, and more....
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