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Mr Frontend weekly sharing #53

Raymon S

Ask for feedback, that will help you grow!

A lot of members discovered that getting feedback from others a valuable gift in our community. We share demo's, projects and a lot of ideas with each other, so everyone can check it out and give feedback.

Giving feedback is not focused on telling negative things, but feedback is to help each other getting better in the things they do. One of my biggest lessons on my journey to grow as a developer is, always ask for feedback to everyone, it doesn't matter what level! Everyone can give you good feedback.

So my message for this week, go and ask for feedback about your code, your project, your technique. Ask it on early stages in your project. Ask it from anyone from all kinds of levels.

This week our Mr Frontend weekly sharing include links with Frontend, JavaScript, Design and a lot of other things.

I hope you like it! If you have things you missed in the list, feel free to add them in the comments 😉


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