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Tricks to get you coding πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» again when you arent motivated to

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Everyone has a passion for something, for some people its music, others could be playing video games and to some, it could be the love solving problems with code. Programming is hard, what makes it worthwhile is the passion we have for solving problems.

What then happens if we lose that passion? πŸ€”

A few years back, I lost sight of why I began coding and found out that I was often times forcing myself to try and code. After observing myself, I found a few methods I used to reignite my passion and get myself coding again.

Those methods are what am about to share with you right now.

My Tricks

Reflecting on your Goals

Dreams are little nudges from your soul -- Victoria Moran

First off, everyone has a particular reason why they came into programming(and yes even those that do it for the money 😏). The best way to reignite your motivation and start coding once again is to simply reflect on those goals you had while venturing into programming.

It could be to start earning $250k/yr on a job, it could be solving a dying problem in your local community, it could even be working for one of the biggest tech companies out there(yeah I see you Google).

Whatever it is, reflect on it and remember why you began coding in the first place.

Attending a Meetup

Another way to motivate yourself to code again would be attending meetups. Meetups are a lovely way of re-motivating yourself as you get to meet and interact with other developers who have designed and built awesome applications. Some even go as far as giving you career advice and paths to take as a developer.

Meetup is an easy and straight forward platform to start looking for meetups to attend. Create an account on Meetup and within seconds, you are given a lot of interesting suggestions on various upcoming meetups.

Watching a Movie

Movies are a great way to pass time or relax after a long day(esp. via Netflix). So it would seem weird to think that you could actually be motivating yourself to code while watching a movie. Well, it all depends on the type of movie you watch.

There are a lot of movies that could help motivate a developer to code, Silicon Valley, Mr. Robot, just to name a few. In order to keep this article as short as possible, I wrote another article on 10 Movies to get you coding again. Any of those movies should definitely help get you motivated.

Joining a Community of Peers

A community is a simple way for you to connect with your peers or developers more experienced than you that have been in your shoes before.

Just like attending a meetup, when you find yourself in a community of experienced developers, you get to learn first-hand about some awesome technologies and projects most of them work on daily.

Reading about other people with similar experiences, who may be struggling with the same issues that you are, can be hugely encouraging and motivating.

Watching Anime

Now, this is the silliest of all and that's why I left it last. Just hear me out for a second(remember I said "tricks I use").

Seeing other's individuals achieve their goals is a sure way of getting or rekindling your motivation. Japanese anime is filled with situations like this.

You see the protagonist fighting with everything they have till their dying breath until they reach their goal. That kind of determination usually fuels my motivation and gets me remembering my goals and all I said I would achieve and those thoughts get me coding again.

I know it sounds silly πŸ˜‚, but am telling you it actually works for me.


So yeah, those were some of the tricks I use to get myself to code again.

Have something you already do, do share in the comments below. Itching to find out new tricks.

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