Introduction to Data Structures for Interviews

Bianca Gandolfo

Bianca Gandolfo

4 hours, 21 minutes CC
Introduction to Data Structures for Interviews

Course Description

In this course, Bianca Gandolfo — JavaScript consultant and returning Frontend Masters instructor — demonstrates how to organize and use data efficiently with data structures. Following along with the course, you'll learn to implement the most common data structures such as linked lists, hash tables, and stacks/queues. Plus, review and solve common technical interview questions through practice and solution walkthroughs!

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Course Details

Published: August 9, 2018

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Table of Contents


Section Duration: 43 minutes
  • Series Overview
    Bianca Gandolfo introduces herself and the course, which is the second course in a series on Algorithms & Data Structures.
  • Interview Process
    Bianca gives a synopsis of the interview stages: Resume, Coding Challenge, Recruiter Phone Screen, Technical Phone Screen and then the Onsite Interview. Within each step, Bianca covers what to expect, and the skills required to succeed at each interview stage.
  • Common Interview Mistakes
    Bianca describes what employers may be looking for in a potential employee, and the most common mistakes in a resume or job application, the coding challenge, the recruiter phone screen, the technical phone screen, and the onsite interview.
  • Interview Questions Q&A
    Bianca answers student questions about her experience succeeding in interviews, how to answer tough questions such as, "Why should we hire you?", her thoughts on web presence, how to deal with technical interview questions that you don't know the answer to, how to remain authentic when you hit a speed bump while talking through a problem, the importance of learning the fundamentals to succeed in interviews, and more.
  • Data Structure
    After introducing data structures, which are a way of organizing data so that the data can be used efficiently, Bianca emphasizes that learning data structures are also about learning to solve abstract problems. Then Bianca discusses ordered versus hierarchical data structures and the importance of structure data correctly to best access and store data.
  • Course Overview
    Bianca reviews the course agenda and tips on how better master the material.

Data Structures Overview

Section Duration: 51 minutes

Stack Data Structures

Section Duration: 32 minutes

Queue Data Structures

Section Duration: 21 minutes

Linked List Data Structures

Section Duration: 47 minutes

Hash Table Data Structures

Section Duration: 28 minutes

Common Interview Questions

Section Duration: 22 minutes

Course Review

Section Duration: 13 minutes

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