Getting a Software Engineering Job, v2

Jerome Hardaway

Jerome Hardaway

Vets Who Code
3 hours, 31 minutes CC
Getting a Software Engineering Job, v2

Course Description

Get advice from a pro who has mentored and helped over 300 people find their jobs in software development! Learn to create your compelling resume, optimize your GitHub profile for technical scrutiny, design a standout portfolio, and learn networking skills to find the best software engineering job for you.

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Published: August 29, 2023

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Table of Contents


Section Duration: 5 minutes
  • Introduction
    Jerome Hardaway begins the course with some background about how the current job market compares to the market from a couple of years ago. The course will cover the three users job applicants need to be prepared for, how to prepare content for a portfolio, and successful networking strategies for tech newbies.


Section Duration: 33 minutes
  • Human Resources AI
    Jerome introduces the three gatekeepers a candidate encounters through the hiring process. Artificial intelligence is increasingly integrated into HR operations and is often used as a first-level filter for job applicants.
  • Hiring Recruiter
    Jerome explains that recruiters play a crucial role in hiring since they are a bridge between the company and the candidate. A recruiter may be a primary point of contact in the initial stage of the process.
  • Final Boss: Dev Team
    Jerome shares strategies for dev team interviews. The development team has a deeper understanding of the technical requirements of a job and can better assess a candidate's skills. Recommendations for how to approach full-stack positions are also shared in this lesson.


Section Duration: 37 minutes

Preparing Your GitHub Account

Section Duration: 28 minutes
  • GitHub Profile
    Jerome explains why a GitHub profile is essential to a developer's brand. GitHub showcases coding skills, collaborations, and contributions to open-source projects. Employers often review GitHub profiles to review technical abilities and quality of work.
  • Pinned Projects
    Jerome discusses the type of work that can be showcased as a pinned project on a GitHub portfolio. Pinned projects should be active, deployed projects with a thorough README containing a detailed description of the project and instructions for running the code.
  • Private Projects & Project Boards
    Jerome addresses the challenges faced when work experience is part of a private repo. Project boards are introduced and provide a public way to track work performed in private repositories.


Section Duration: 1 hour, 6 minutes

Networking for Newbies

Section Duration: 35 minutes

Wrapping Up

Section Duration: 4 minutes

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