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>> Jen Kramer: Hello everyone around the world. My name is Jen Kramer and I will be your instructor for this next week. We are gonna be working on HTML and CSS. Next week starting Monday, we'll be working on JavaScript with Brian Holt. So if you are here just for the JavaScript part of this, you don't need to be here this week, you can come next week.

However, having said that, it's great to be here for both weeks. We're gonna be covering all kinds of interesting stuff for HTML CSS in terms of page layouts, making things pretty making cool kind of forms. We're going to work on the right way of doing things. I know a lot of you have some background already in HTML, CSS, maybe even JavaScript.

You've probably worked on some stuff before. But at the same time, you may not necessarily learn the right way of doing things. And there is a right way to do this stuff. Especially HTML and CSS, which tend to be ignored by a lot of the industry is the easy stuff that it just comes naturally.

You don't have to worry about it, anybody can write it. All of that is true, but learning how to do it the right is really critically important, because it will lead to really good code, which is gonna get you jobs. It's gonna make your code efficient. It's gonna make it streamlined.

It's gonna make it powerful. So that is what we're gonna be working on this week. And I'm really glad to have you all here. Some things that you're gonna need for this class. Hopefully, you've all logged into the Slack channels. So Slack is available, hopefully you got an invitation for that, you have logged in, and you're part of it.

Where you should be asking questions today is on the HTML channel here, in Slack chat, because that's what we're gonna be talking about today. Please use the general channel that we have here for any questions that you have about working with the live stream, or you wanna introduce yourself or any other sort of general questions.

But I will be closely monitoring the HTML portion of this chat looking for questions on HTML, which is today's topic. The other thing that you're gonna need is this website, and let me once again put this, I'm gonna put this into the HTML channel to make sure you're all looking at it.

This is the website for the class, which is And this is the website we're gonna use for the next two weeks. It's got all the information in it on HTML, on CSS, on JavaScript and we're gonna be working through it every day. So I'm gonna start here in the Boot Camp website.

I'm gonna start at the setup and prerequisites. So go on ahead and hop on into that. So first of all, hopefully all of you went through my internet fundamentals course before you joined the class today. If not, you can find it, we'll click on the link here from class.

You can look at it after today's lesson, that is gonna go through some basic steps, some terminology that we need just to even start this conversation. That's gonna be covered in the Internet Fundamentals course. And that is completely free, it's online, you don't even have to register in order to take that.

Apparently, Internet Fundamentals class was installing a program called VSCode. There are approximately five bazillion code editors out there for writing different kinds of code, right? The one we've chosen to use for this course is called VSCode, and it stands for visual studio code. Its from Microsoft and we're not saying it's the right one, it's not the perfect one, but it's the one that a lot of people are using in the industry.

So we thought we'd start you with that, okay? So hopefully you already have that installed.