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Jen creates a folder on the desktop and opens it within VS Code to set up a simple work environment.

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Transcript from the "Creating a Folder" Lesson

>> Jen Kramer: So, we'll go ahead and start writing some HTML. The first thing that I'd like for you to do is go to your desktop. And I'd like you to go ahead and make a folder here. You can call your folder something like day one. That's a great name.

You could call it HTML, if you wanna call it HTML, or anything else. And what we're going to do then [COUGH] is if you simply take that folder and drag it. Click and drag it right on top of VS code and then let go.
>> Jen Kramer: This is gonna go ahead and show you your day one folder and its contents, which probably have nothing in it, over there on the left-hand side, okay?

So, this is a way of setting up a really simple work environment for VS code. And this is gonna show you where all your files and folders are so that you can access easily while you're writing code.