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>> Jen Kramer: I was hoping peanut butter and jelly made it to all 35 countries. But if not, hopefully you made a list of directions for how to do something else that is pretty simple and straightforward. For those of you who are wondering how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, we do have directions here for you.

So hopefully, your code looks something like mine. So I have a heading. So here's what this list is gonna be all about, how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And then, I have my SIPS. We're gonna use the OL, which is the ordered list tag. Inside of that, we have a series of LIs.

If you had a problem somewhere along the way and it quote doesn't work, all right, chances are the places to usually look for these kinds of things. One is, people often make these syntax mistakes. So syntax is all of the punctuation and so forth that makes up your code.

And so, it's pretty easy to make a typo. So instead of LI for list item, you make a, I don't know, II, or KI, or some other key that's nearby, you get it wrong somehow. So look to make sure you type the right thing in all the places.

Make sure that they're nested correctly. So that you close tags appropriately. That's the other thing that people often get wrong. They open the tag but they forget to close it. Hopefully, our editor will help with that problem. But that could be something else you get wrong along the way.