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>> Jen Kramer: But your exercises are these. First of all, catch up. [LAUGH]. We've been going a little bit long, these last few days. You may feel a little bit behind. Just spend some time reviewing what we've done, so far. Look at some of your code. Think about that. The second thing is, over the weekend, you're going to be working on a portfolio.

Okay? So, actual portfolio for your future job, where you can show the work that you've done this week, and you can add to it with your JavaScript, later. So, you might wanna spend some time thinking about what goes on a portfolio. If you wanna put up your resume, for example, maybe you need to make sure your resume is up to date.

That would be a good thing to do. Okay? Or get together some pictures of yourself. That would be a good thing to do. So, so start thinking about that kind of thing. I have some more CSS practice, here, where you can go ahead and work on some HTML forms.

And then, finally, if you're into it, you can create a contact form for your website, so code a whole form from scratch. Ask people whatever you wanna ask them. You can use the same action and method in all the stuff that we did in the form in class.

You can use that on your website. Okay? At least, for now. That's not gonna work indefinitely, but it'll work for a little while. And that will be a contact form for you. Try to keep the same sort of styling, going across those pages. All right? Sound good?
>> Jen Kramer: And if you're feeling a little burned out, it's okay If you want to just go home and rest your brain.

That's okay, too. All right? But I wanna make sure that you're plenty challenged and you have lots to do, if you're, like, really fired up and you want to do more.