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Brian reviews what the finished application will do and fields a question about strings from the audience.

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Transcript from the "Implementation Review and Q&A" Lesson

>> Brian Holt: So again, let's just take a look at what my version of it did. So here's mine. Yours has to be more beautiful than this terrible monstrosity that I've put in front of you.
>> Brian Holt: Looks something like that.
>> Brian Holt: That's a cutie.
>> Brian Holt: So,
>> Brian Holt: Yeah, that's gonna be your homework for tonight, is to get the dog viewer working correctly.

>> Brian Holt: So this is more important. This is the first thing I want you to accomplish. If you want to after you finish this, do some more work on the mole game. Please do that. If you don't get to the mole game, or if you're just like brain melted out, that's okay too, and we'll go ahead and write that too [COUGH] excuse me.

I need more coffee at this point. We will accomplish that tomorrow.
>> Brian Holt: Any last questions or anything you want me to talk about, anything unclear?
>> Speaker 2: Can you just go back to your doggo JavaScript for two seconds?
>> Brian Holt: Scroll up, or you got it?
>> Speaker 2: Yeah, just a little bit.

>> Speaker 3: Inside the, slightly down the console log, the second one, the dog API. When you go in .then .target.value, for some reason, mine's not going blue, it's just staying in there and it's a dollar sign, I mean.
>> Brian Holt: Sir, you need to use back ticks.
>> Speaker 3: Thank you.

>> Brian Holt: You can do it with normal strings, but you just have to do the plus concatenation that I showed you earlier.
>> Speaker 3: Okay.
>> Brian Holt: Yeah, I just find this to be a little bit easier.
>> Speaker 3: I guess.
>> Brian Holt: Something else, so notice when I first show up that it does display a random dog picture right away.

So that's something you can do if you want to. Just, what I did is instead of having this just be fetch out here I put into a function and the first thing I do is call the function.