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Student Developer Backpack

Free 6 months of Frontend Masters for all students enrolled in the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

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What is this, and
How does it work?

For 6 months after you sign up as part of this program, you’ll get complete access to all of the Frontend Masters library of courses. Everything you need to master HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as the best and most updated courses on frameworks like React, Vue, Webpack, Angular & much more.

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Why Frontend Masters?

All of our courses are taught by industry leading experts, people actively shaping the craft of web development. In addition, our courses are regularly updated to keep pace with the latest evolutions to ensure you're learning industry best practices and the latest techniques.

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Learning Paths

Pick your goal, and get a recommended set of courses complete with electives, editor notes and progress tracking.

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Advanced Player

All courses are presented in a custom built player, complete with annotations, notes, transcripts,a chapter descriptions, progress syncing and much more!

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Learn Anywhere

iOS and Android - featuring offline playback, our tablet and phone apps let you take everything with you wherever you go.

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Interact with the Masters

Access to Live Workshops - gain access to our live streamed workshops where you can participate with QA and chat, and learn alongside the masters!

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FAQ and Support

To take advantage of our student offer, make sure you have joined the GitHub Student Developer Pack.
If you are not currently enrolled in the GitHub Student Developer Pack, you can either apply to that program with GitHub here, or you can become a Frontend Masters customer here.
All of your course progress, notes and bookmarks will be saved - and if you decide to become a Frontend Masters customer, you can continue to use the system to develop your mastery!
We typically have the most up-to-date front end courses on the web, taught by the top developers and educators in the field. This hands on experience they provide imparts a wisdom and approach to problem solving that typically results in better education and development. With six months free - you can see for yourself!