Rich Harris

Rich Harris


Rich Harris is a software engineer at Vercel, and the creator of several widely-used open source projects including Svelte and Rollup. Before Vercel he was an award-winning journalist at The Guardian and The New York Times.

Rich Harris's Courses

  • Fullstack Svelte with SvelteKit

    Build full stack web apps with SvelteKit by the creator himself, Rich Harris! Learn to build dynamic, efficient web applications and create a real-world app, "SvelteFlix". Explore SvelteKit's features from basics to advanced topics like server hooks and caching.
    4 hours, 52 minutes CC
    Fullstack Svelte with SvelteKit
  • Svelte Fundamentals

    Learn the Svelte framework from the creator himself, Rich Harris! Learn svelte components, explore the entire Svelte API, and apply your knowledge in a practical project building a full game from scratch.
    5 hours, 2 minutes CC
    Svelte Fundamentals