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Mr Frontend Supports, Helps & Encourage developers that want to be better in their lives & development, by coaching via email, chat & video!

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What Can I Learn?

Community Benefits

Personal Support

1-on-1 coaching with a frontend professional and career path advice

Professional Skills

Actionable feedback on code reviews and techniques & tooling advice

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A community to collaberate and learn with other passionate developers

About the Mr Frontend Community

In February 2016 the Mr Frontend Community is founded by @rsschouwenaar

I'm a passionate Lead Frontend/JavaScript Developer that loves to help and coach other Junior Frontend Developers. From my own experience, from my own experience I can tell you, learning by yourself, without guidance can be very hard and intimidated by a the number of tools & techniques.

Helping Junior Frontend Developers (or Developer that want to dive into Frontend Development) getting better in their skills, by coaching and mentoring is the mission of Mr Frontend.

We have a free Slack community, and a blog. In the future, I want to create more tools and content to help you spice up your Frontend skills!!

What people think

  • I love the way Mr Frontend helps me with spicing up my CSS & JavaScript skills. The way the communicate is clear but also with a lot of fun. I’ve the feeling the coaches at Mr Frontend have a ton of experience, so that helps a lot!
    Casey Robins

    Casey Robins

    Junior Frontend Developer

  • The Mr Frontend Community is a great place the learn all sorts of programming skills. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or already have some years experience under your belt. You can always expect help and friendly conversations. Such love, much wow.
    Robin Stickel

    Robin Stickel

    Junior Frontend Developer

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