Mr Frontend

Mr Frontend helps Frontend Developers to grow in their skillset. We're coaching them trough personal conversations and give them directions for the right things to learn.

Do you want to enlarge your job changes in your Frontend Development career?

About us

The Mr Frontend Community is founded by @rsschouwenaar and officially launched in February 2016.

We are both passionate Frontend Developers who like to help and coach Junior Frontend Developers. From our own experience, we can tell that learning on your own, without any guidance can be very hard but also intimidated by the amount of tools & techniques in Frontend Development.

Helping Junior Frontend Developers getting better in their skills, by coaching and mentoring is our mission with the Mr Frontend community.

We started with a free Slack community, recently we launched our blog. In the near future, we want to launch more tools and content to help you learn better Frontend Development, that get you ready for the real business.

What does this service include?

We are offering:

  • 1-on-1 coaching with one of the Frontend Coaches
  • Actionable feedback on code reviews
  • Career path advice
  • Advice about techniques & tooling
  • Personal conversations with the Coaches
  • A community to share your skills with other passionate developers

What do we teach you

  • HTML
  • Basic CSS, Advanced CSS and Scalable CSS Architecture
  • Responsive CSS
  • CSS pre-processors Sass and Scss
  • JavaScript (A.K.A. Vanilla JavaScript)
  • JavaScript libraries/frameworks (jQuery, AngularJS etc.)
  • Frontend Performance Testing
  • Frontend Architecture
  • Git/Github
  • Commandline + Tools
  • Taksrunners
  • NPM, NodeJS, Bower & Yeoman