Learning Paths FAQ

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What is a learning path?

A learning path gives you an ordered list of recommended courses to take to build your expertise in a particular area of software development.

What learning paths are available?

The core paths focus on broadening your understanding of industry-wide skills and fundamentals by skill level (Beginner, Professional, and Expert or specialty (Fullstack, Designer Learning to Code, or Computer Science. In contrast, the topic paths build your skills in a particular language (CSS, JavaScript) or technology (React, Vue, Node.js, etc.).

How long will it take to complete both the Beginner and Professional learning paths?

There are currently 30 hours of video in the beginner path and 50 hours in the professional path. It can take as little as four weeks if you are very motivated, or even longer, depending on how thoroughly you go through the exercises included in each course.

What are elective courses? Why are they included in a given path?

Electives are courses we recommend you take to deepen your knowledge about the subject of a given path once you have gained the concepts from the core coursework.

How often do you update learning paths?

A learning path is updated once there is an updated version of a given course. We occasionally swap courses in a learning path when there is a fundamental change in the technologies professionals use concerning a learning path’s focus area.

Do you offer certificates of completion?

We don’t offer certificates of completion for courses. However, once members with an active Frontend Masters subscription have watched ten or more hours of content, they can claim a Frontend Masters username and create a Public Profile. These profiles showcase your learning journey and are a fantastic way to share progress with friends, co-workers, or employers. To get started, visit the Public Profile section in My Account.

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