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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you update your courses?
A course is updated once there is a fundamental shift in the language or library’s underlying API. You can check our workshop list to see if a new version of a given course is on the schedule. You may also write to us as with suggestions for updates.
Do you offer certificates of completion?
We don’t offer certificates of completion for courses. However, once members with an active Frontend Masters subscription have watched ten or more hours of content, they can claim a Frontend Masters username and create a Public Profile. These profiles showcase your learning journey and are a fantastic way to share progress with friends, co-workers, or employers. To get started, visit the Public Profile section in My Account.
Can courses be downloaded?
Members can download courses with our Android and iOS apps, which are ideal for mobile and offline learning.
What does v2, v3, etc. mean in a course name?
A higher version (v) denotes a newer version. You may skip the previous versions of the course since they are complete replacements of the original.
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